Can I Repair my iPhone Motherboard?

iPhone Motherboard Repair

There are common problems that affect most Smartphones and regular mobile devices, like a damaged battery or a problem with your phone’s charging port but none of those issues are scarier than a problem with the motherboard.

You see, a motherboard to a phone is exactly what a heart is to us, we depend on it and without it, we cannot live.  If your mobile has a cracked screen or something is wrong with your camera, you can still use it but if the problem has to do with your motherboard then your phone cannot operate properly and will gradually present issues that will get worse with time until ultimately, it just stops functioning completely. Although this is something serious for everyone, this is far more problematic for iPhone users.

If your iPhone is taken to Apple for service, they will not only charge you an excessively high amount of money but, they will also try to sell you another motherboard to solve your problem and although this may be the solution in some occasions, it’s not always the solution.

Perhaps, you do not want to spend more than what you need to, so you take it to some other technician that will charge you only half of what Apple Repair Services would, but when you take your phone to inexperienced technicians for least worrisome problems and they don’t fix them correctly, they can also be the cause for other damages to your iPhone motherboard, damages that will become big trouble as time progresses.

Here at Orlando/Winter Park, you can trust that your iPhone will be manipulated by expert technicians that will take care of it and will always try to fix the problem before replacing a piece. (Because believe it or not, some problems with motherboards can be fixed!)

With our free diagnosis service, you can find out what the problem is and then we will do everything within our reach to solve it.

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