Computer Care Tips

Computer Care Tips

A computer is one of the most valuable investments you own. It should be adequately cared for to maintain its value. Here are some tips to keep your computer in its best shape before you have to visit the Device Center.


Invest in a sleeve, case, or laptop bag for easy and safe transport. Never transport your computer without protection. The impact of too many falls has the potential to wipe out your device completely. When traveling, always take your laptop with you. Do not check with luggage.

When it comes to protection, storage is essential as well. Computers and laptops should be stored in cool, dry places.

Protect your devices from viruses by installing antivirus software. Some programs are free, while others range from $50-$100.


Updates take time and its easy to hit “snooze” or “pick another time.” Stop procrastinating and perform your updates regularly. Choose a time when you are not using the computer and allow it to update without interruption. Updates fix glitches, bugs and allows your computer to run smoothly.

Save your Battery

If we’re being honest, batteries only last a few years. It’s likely, you’ll have to replace the battery long before you’re forced to buy a new computer. To save your battery life, avoid overcharging it. Once it is fully charged, use all the battery power before you recharging. Use power saving mode for more extended use. If you’re giving your laptop a break, remove the battery until you’re ready to use it again.

Backup Files

This protects you more than the actual computer. Things happen. External hard drives and software-based backups are available and useful in case of an emergency. Backup all photos, videos, relevant documents, and other files you deem necessary.

No Food or Drinks Allowed

Eating and drinking over our laptops are bad habits we should work to break. Crumbs have the potential to fall between keys and damage internal parts. Do we even have to discuss the damages after spilling coffee all over your keyboard? If you must drink while working, use a bottle or cup with a tight lid and store the drink away from the computer.

Keep it Clean

Sure, you aren’t eating or drinking near the computer, but you’ve touched the screen countless times. Use a soft damp cloth and wipe the screen without pressing too hard. Be sure to clean all the water off the screen to avoid internal damages.

Is your device running slow? There may be dust in the fans. Fans are used to keep your device from overheating. You can remove the fans and clean them yourself, or you can call us to get the job done.

The Device Center is available to take care of your electronic needs. Schedule a free diagnostic test, and we can discuss the next steps to keep your device running smoothly.

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