Looking for a high-quality affordable gaming PC build service in Orlando – Winter Park?

Look no further we have you covered!

Let us build your gaming PC professionally. We will stress test every single component to the core and install the right O.S and up to date Software.

Which tests do you perform?

  • CPU Stress, Temperature and Throttling
  • GPU Stress, Temperature and Throttling
  • Full RAM Test
  • Sector by sector HDD/SSD/PCIE/NVME test
    (Printed report available for an additional fee)

All to make sure every piece of hardware is working and performing 100% at max load.

That’s great but what software do i get?

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Latest Build (However Pro or Home available) – Permanent
  • Office 2019 Pro Plus – Permanent
  • Antivirus – 1 Year
    Everything updated and ready to use.

Sounds good, let’s talk about prices!

We charge depending on the complexity and size of the tower. This includes Build + Tests + Software.

  • ATX  Towers (1 CPU/1 GPU/PSU/RAM/1 HDD/Mother Board/) –  $245
  • Micro-ATX and mini-ITX (1 CPU/1 GPU/PSU/RAM/1 HDD/Mother Board/) $199
  • Water Cooled CPU or GPU – Additional labor cost $60

Awesome, what about the parts?

Prices and Offers come and go almost every day, you can bring your own (all must be brand new packaged unopened) or we can do the shopping for you, just give us a budget including our build cost and we’ll try our best to get you the best value.

To have the greatest gaming experience we recommend combining your build with a gaming monitor (144Mhz +) and a mechanical keyboard.

For a great gaming pc for those who live in the Orlando winter park areas contact us:  407-900-6450

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm | Saturday 10am – 2pm
 7410 Aloma Av, Winter Park FL 32792