I just deleted photos off my iPhone, but my storage space is still at capacity. How can I fix this?

Are you all maxed out on your iPhone?

First thing to try to is deleting your photos.  Of course, make sure they have been backed up online or to your computer first.  Once they are safe, you should remove them from your iPhone as they are the biggest culprits of taking up the most storage space on your iPhone.

Okay, you get this, but what if your delete photos off your iPhone, but your iPhone storage is still registering full?  Or it hasn’t made a dent into getting more space?

The Apple iOS saves the last 30 days of photos on your iPhone.  This is a fail-safe measure in case you delete your photos and say, oh no, I need those, and want to recover your iPhone photos.  But, if you’re triple-sure you have your precious photos backed up, you can remove this 30-day hidden photo backup to ensure you’re clearing the way for as much space as possible.

Here’s how to ensure you are optimally clearing your iPhone storage space after deleting photos:

  • Go to your Photos

  • Go to Albums

  • Select Recently Deleted

  • Select All and Delete these photos

This process of deleting the 30-day retention photo period will ensure your local storage is totally freed up when you want to remove your photos.

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