iPhone Repair Services

Lifetime Limited Guarantee!
Working True Tone included for iPhones X and up

Best iPhone repair in Orlando, Winter Park! Bring your iPhone to our repair shop for an on-the-spot fix. You will be in and out within 20-30 minutes. Experience perfection – OEM or original parts, qualified iPhone techs, and a guaranteed service.

You’re protected! We offer a lifetime limited warranty on all iPhone repairs. We’ve got you covered.

Screen Replacement 
iPhone 6$45
iPhone 6 plus$45
iPhone 6s$52
iPhone 6s Plus$59
iPhone 7$55
iPhone 7 Plus$60
iPhone 8$55
iPhone 8 Plus$60
iPhone X OLED$120
iPhone XR$120
iPhone XS$120
iPhone XS Max$140
iPhone 11$120
iPhone 11 Pro$120
iPhone 11 Pro Max$180
iPhone SE 2020$59

Other Repairs

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  iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR8 / 7 Plus8 / 76S Plus6S6 Plus6 / 5SE5 / 5C /5S
battery-replacemen-1Rear Glass with Full Rear Housing
battery-replacemen-1Battery Replacement
power-button-1Power Button$80$80$80$70$70$60$60$50
home-1Home ButtonN/A$35$35$35$35$35$35$35
chargeing-port-1Charging Port$100$70$65$60$55$60$55$50
headphone-jack-1Headphone JackN/A$70$65$60$55$60$55$50
camera-1CameraRear $125 Front $69$80$80$70$70$60$60$50
water-spill-1Water DamageAll phones require free diagnostic to determine flat fee