Properly Caring for Your Phone

Properly Caring for Your Phone

Cell phones are an essential investment. We use them daily to communicate, schedule appointments, and browse reviews for the latest restaurant, so it’s crucial that it stays in good shape and is always up to speed. Check out our steps to properly care for your cellular device below.


After you’ve researched purchased, and insured your phone, the very next step is to begin physically protecting it. I’ll never forget watching a young girl shatter her brand-new phone the day after Christmas. She lacked insurance and physical protection. Buy a case that covers all corners and a screen protector. If you have bad luck with phones or are clumsy, there are phone cases that cover the entire device.


Be mindful of where you store your phone when it is not in use. Avoid high places, cluttered environments, and places with food or drinks. Clean desk, tables, and cabinets are ideal.

Leaving your phone in the car is not safe for multiple reasons. Cell phones are a hot commodity amongst thieves. You don’t want to deal with a broken window and a stolen phone. Cars also get extremely hot during the summer. Your phone will overheat even if you’re not using it.

Unless your phone is waterproof or is protected by a waterproof case, keep your phone in a cool, dry area.


Clean your phone regularly as dust and other particles can enter through speakers and other areas. Use alcohol wipes or dry tissue to wipe down your screen and other exterior areas of your phone.


Generally, the battery is the first part of your phone to stop working. Avoid overcharging your battery. Once your battery is completely charged, unplug it and try to keep the battery between 40%-80%. You will maintain more extended battery life by keeping conversations short and limiting browsing and social media time.

If you are having trouble with your phone or other devices, contact the Device Center for free diagnostics, affordability, flat fees, and high success rates.  We replace screens, batteries, headphone jacks, and many other things. Currently, we are offering a free seal and tempered protector with all screen repairs. Our company provides on-the-spot fixes in the Orlando/Winter Park area, and we work to get you in and out in 20 minutes. Contact us today for your business IT support, phone repairs, laptop repairs, and tablet repairs. Walk-ins are welcomed!

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