My WiFi isn’t working!

My WiFi isn’t working!

The reason why people keep choosing smartphones over not-so-smart phones is because a Smartphone has more to offer than just phone calls and messages. For example, with an iPhone you can take awesome pictures, download great and fun apps and have internet access everywhere at any time.

Although your phone data lets you go online whenever you want, it is better to browse the internet while using WiFi connection. Why? Because it is usually way faster and the best part of it… you don’t have to pay to use it and there’s no limit while using it! If you tried to access every site you frequently visit with a WiFi connection with your iPhone data, probably your phone bill would go through the roof and you would spend an incredibly high amount of money.

That’s why having no access to a WiFi network can be troublesome for most users. No one wants to deal with that.

What can I do if my WiFi connection is failing?

If your iPhone is having problems with your WiFi connection, there are some simple things that can do the trick to make it work again:

*Forget the WiFi network and add it again: As simple as this sounds, sometimes little things can affect your WiFi network.

*Restart your router

*Reset your phone settings

Have you done all of this and still no internet? Then maybe there’s not a problem with your network itself, your iPhone can also be the reason why this is happening. Have you dropped your device or have you spilled something on your iPhone? If the answer is yes, then these can be the causes for your WiFi problems.

Your WiFi antenna could have been affected by these things and if that’s the case, you might need to replace it or fix the damaged bit.

If you live near Orlando/Winter Park and you’re looking for a place to fix your problem then, contact us now! We have the best technicians and also the best prices for you. Get your WiFi on again in just 20 minutes!

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